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Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) founded in1990 in Sussex is motivated by cyclists with an obsession of creating the ultimate in state-of-the-art components to improve performance and enjoyment.

Having started with the world's first suspension seat post has meant that this passion has made for a better design which has transferred into different cycling disciplines, from: mountain biking to road, road racing, time trialing, triathlon and track.

This is all available to help all cyclists achieve their best potential with the finest materials, top composite layups and the best aerodynamics. Better design means better fit; this means we provide an unrivalled commitment to give you your best performance yet.

USE is clear about its aim - To make cycle components that are strong, safe, light and look great. This has been proven through assisting in achieving many titles, highlighted by Olympic Gold and Tour de France King of the Mountain.

Exposure Lights

​With the desire to increase performance in different environments this inspired Exposure Lights. The way we see it, if you can't see where you're going, you won't be riding confidently which will result with you not being able to successfully go your fastest or have as much fun as you can.

This technology has enabled commuters to get around safely knowing they can see and be seen by others. Exposure Lights gives you the best possible light solutions with the finest biker friendly technology available to ensure that you spend more time with your hands on the controls with the perfect light for the ground you are pounding over.

Exposure Marine

In recent progression USE soon realised that the perfect bike light could be developed to take sailing and dive lights to the next level. This has led to further advances in research and development of lighting and now is quickly becoming known as the leading light manufacturer on and off land.

Exposure Marine have produced lights that are designed to provide the right light for the right situation, for sailing, you have: a bright white light for search, rescue or repair, for "man over board" an instant white light and a red light for night vision.

One light, one solution for all situations

For Divers

​Exposure Marine provides bright hands free controlled lights. Switch on/off, brighten or dim through tap technology to make sure all controls can be operated at all times instantly.

USE is committed to supporting athletes and events across the world for the benefit of sport. Sponsoring the elite of the sailing world for product testing in the harshest of environments as well as the athletes representing Great Britain in cycling and adventure racing USE is proud to be a part of UK sport.

Made, Designed, Tested, Developed and Engineered in the UK

All of our products are designed and engineered in the UK by USE and Exposure in Bury, West Sussex, tested and developed by us riding on or around the South Downs National Park, sailing or diving in the Solent, then all of our products are tested to the maximum  through athletes and events we support that span the world, Elite sailors racing the seas oceans and athletes representing Great Britain, Ireland, Holland or club in cycling.

Company Information

Company Number - 02505885

VAT Number - GB 582 7323 27