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  • the pursuit of speed...
    "The rear light is so bright at its highest setting it’s
    almost too much for country lane use at night, and
    with bombproof build quality and an almost perfect
    light output. What is there not to like?"
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@southdownsbikes @JamesHansford And then our employee in the background not looking as bright as the lights we sell! #USE #photobombed
use-exposure (23 hours ago)
@NxtBgChllnge it is but email info@exposurelights.co.uk for the full details
use-exposure (2 days ago)
New GoPro full face attachment prototyped. Fancy a go @stevepeat ratboy_bryce https://t.co/LbH9GM19cG
use-exposure (4 days ago)
The sun wins this time but I'm glad we took on the challenge. https://t.co/nRVRJDxGel
use-exposure (4 days ago)
We're doing the final testing so they should be launching in a few weeks. #Link+ #OwnTheNight #BeSafeBeSeen @JMillsy1980
use-exposure (2 weeks ago)
#ExposureLights testing of LED to lens tolerance to ensure the perfect beam. Spot on if ur wondering. https://t.co/aWzS8kkXSd
use-exposure (2 weeks ago)

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